Keepsafe Pets
Responsible Pet Ownership
As we have associations with leading pet charities, we are acutely aware of the everyday problems they encounter.
Animal injuries can be easily prevented with the correct planning and care.
Before getting a pet, consider your circumstances carefully - do you have the time & resources to properly care for it?
With this in mind we have provided these top tips for responsible pet ownership:
  • Ensure your pet is properly identified, this is a legal requirement for dogs - Keepsafe recommend a collar and tag (snap release collars for cats) PLUS microchipping
  • Make sure your pet is well trained and controllable.
  • Give them suitable shelter and bedding
  • Give them a well balanced & nutritious diet
  • Ensure that fresh water is always available
  • Give them suitable shelter and bedding
  • Groom your pet regularly
  • Clean up after your pet & protect them against fleas & worms
  • Regularly vaccinate your pet - your vet can advise you
  • Take out pet insurance to cover vet bills & third party liability
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