Keepsafe Pets

With thousand of pets going missing and being stolen in the UK every week, itís always reassuring to know that with Keepsafe Visible Identification, both your pet and your identity will be protected.

Option 1

Annual Membership - £10 per annum

You can cover your pet for as little as 84p per month!

Because we understand that itís not always possible to take up lifetime membership for your pet, for what ever reason; we still make it possible for you to protect you pets with our annual membership cover. This will ensure that your pet is covered for 1 year from the date of registration.

Membership Includes:

- 24/7 missing pets hotline

- Access to your account online 24/7

- Keepsafe VetAlert

There is a charge of £7.50 for a new unique ID tag under this option, the tag is not provided for free.

Option 2

Lifetime Membership - £49.95

Lifetime membership covers your pet for the entirety of its life (please note that lifetime membership covers the life of the pet not the owner). This easy and favoured option gives you peace of mind for the whole of your petís life.

Lifetime membership includes:

- 24/7 missing pets hotline

- A free unique ID tag dedicated to your pet

- Access to your account online 24/7

- Keepsafe VetAlert

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