Keepsafe Pets

Micro chipping

Most pets are micro chipped – and that’s fantastic!! But straying pets are usually found by a good member of the public and nobody walks around with a scanner in their pockets - just in case they find a straying dog. A finder will usually be getting on with their own business when they find your pet, and will not have the time to take it to a vet or dog warden for scanning. Don’t put your pet through the stress and strain of being taken to the vets and possibly spending the night in a cell at the rescue centre. With the Keepsafe service, it’s never been easier and safer to ensure the safe return of your pet.

Owner’s details on Pet Tags

Are your pets walking around with your name, address and telephone number? Why not put your credit card details on there too? Should your pet fall into the arms of a criminal with your information on its tag, your identity and property could be at risk!! With identity fraud at it’s highest in the UK, why make it easy for fraudsters to get hold of your information. A burglar with your address and telephone number has hit jackpot with your personal, hard earned property!!
There is an easy and inexpensive option – the Keepsafe Visible Identification Service.

Keepsafe provides a safe and secure tag for your pet, with just an ID number and a telephone number engraved on it. Your contact information is kept in a secure location at our 24 hour call centre. You can store as many addresses and telephone numbers as you want, giving your pet the highest possible chance of a safe return. We will not divulge your information to anyone; our call operator will take the finders details for you to contact them to arrange the collection of your pet.

Going away on holiday?

There’s absolutely no reason why you can’t enjoy a good holiday, without worrying about your pets safety. Kennel fees can be high, which is why some people prefer to leave their pets with friends and family and if your pet is wearing a Keepsafe ID tag, life couldn’t be easier. By simply emailing us, calling our customer service line or accessing your account online you can keep us up to date with your holiday dates and an alternative contact whilst you’re away. If your pet is found straying, we will contact your alternative number – saving you the stress and worries, letting you enjoy your much deserved break!!


Tags are made of non allergenic brass. There is a hexagonal tag for dogs and a smaller round tag for cats

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