Keepsafe Pets

What is Keepsafe?

Keepsafe is a visible identification service that returns straying pets to their families.

I have a Keepsafe tag, but I don’t know if I’m a registered member or not how do I find out?

Please call 0870 60 500 60 and one of our call operators will be happy to check the status of your membership for you.

Do I have to renew my tags each year?

No, but if you have annual membership, you will need to renew your membership each year. You will only need to replace your tags if your pet loses it or worn out through wear and tear.

How much does a replacement tag cost?

Replacement tags are charged at £7.92. Please send a cheque, made payable to Keepsafe Tracking Ltd, to 4 Station Court, Station Road, Great Shelford, Cambridge, CB22 5NE

I have lifetime membership, why do I have to pay for a replacement tag?

In order for us to provide this fantastic service we need to invest constantly in new technology and retain our wonderful and knowledgeable staff a charge of £7.92 for a new tag, including a new certificate, postage and packaging is minimal for the peace of mind that if your pet is found you will be re-united as soon as possible, without a stranger getting hold of your address and telephone numbers.

My tag has worn out, why can’t I get a new tag free of charge?

Tags will need replacing because pets go all over the place whilst they are outside burrowing and sniffing around. Like everything else, due to wear and tear they will need to be replaced. The service Keepsafe provide is invaluable and could save your pets life! We want to make sure that we are able to keep up this level of service, and so we are unable to provide anything for free.

When and How do I go about renewing my membership?

Annual membership costs £12.00 per annum; you need to renew your membership at least 30 days before the expiry date. You can do this by sending a cheque, made payable to Keepsafe Tracking Ltd, 4 Station Court, Station Road, Great Shelford, Cambridge, CB22 5NE. Lifetime members do not have to renew their membership for the life of the pet.

Can I use Keepsafe for other pets in the family?

Yes, you will need to take out membership for each pet you have in the household. Membership only covers the pet registered with us and cannot be transferred from one pet to another.

How often can I update my personal information?

You can update your information as often as you wish and we strongly advise you to update your details as soon as they change.

I have a certificate with transferrable lifetime membership, can I add a new pet?

We will be happy to transfer the membership to your new pet, but there is an admin fee of 25, which includes a free new tag. You may only transfer the membership once and so you will receive a new certificate which supersedes the existing one.

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